Friday, July 31, 2015

ME and Sofia  has fun  reading  to mom
                                                            M m m m.         Where awasome  
                         Tia Diana is here  she has  a   Blog
 too .Her blog is  called TIA'S  VK's so go on  her 
 ( she loooooves  too blog) I think that my mom is  
  Fallowing  me right  know! YES SHE IS OH BOY 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

 I am at my dads work right now .he has a cool work .Dad is at a meeting I get to blog on  dads computer. Yay whoooo uhhuh
  I am writing a book well a story with my brothers sister's  name in it . I'll post my story when I'am done.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


              Angelica Sanchez is a coach for team beachbody . She helps people reach there fitnesss      goals.If you would like Angelica Sanchez  to be       your coach. Go to Facebook and search Angelica     C. Sanchez,ACS  fitness SO BUY SHAKOLOGY
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                           News  Flash
              Second  movie Trip  is it a success or                        not a success  SUCCESS! Sofia, 
                Marcos, Carlos, Me, and my mom                              watched Rio 2 . It was awesome.
                 Our first movie trip was Paddington, 
                 it didn't  go so well.They got taken
                 out by mom and dad. They where 
                so loud .I  could barely  hear  when                 we got in the car.